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The Pen Slipped
my brain slipped
click image then 'File History'

Realtime. Real ink. No mistakes. Oh SNAP!

I mucked it up. I started drawing another line over here and now I can't get back to where I started. Fuck. Hours of work, ruined.

Oh wait.

Actually, hmmm.. I wonder if I can draw a line from here to here and successfully escape from this inky trap? Don't mess it up again or you'll be really screwed. Okay. I think I better use a ruler for this.

Ooooh! できた! I did it!

Now that it's finished, what can I call it? Prickles? Curveless? Hmmmm.

Ah! I've got it. I'll just say this line is cause the pen slipped... I'm a genius!


First art show, people liked it, but no one bought it.


Second art show, purchased by British Mike!! Whoohoo!!


It would be cool to have an easy link from the painting to its history online. Hmm! I can set up something like tinyurl and do it! There. Now just write this on the back for Mike:


Ah damn. I shoulda given it a nicer name. And I should give the id of 8 to Crazy Eights. I'll just cross this out.



Ah damn; wasn't Mike the one who laughed at the long URL on the flyer? I shoulda given him a shorter URL.

Too late; it's done. I'll just say my brain slipped.

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