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Debugging Notes, 2014
Debugging Notes dedication, 2019
Debugging Notes with artist Rob and new owner Lughn, 30 Nov 2019

Sometimes I need to take some notes while trying to figure out why my programs aren't doing what I expect. If the problem takes a long time to solve, it usually means the problem is where I least suspect. I don't know if that was the case in this case, but here's what I wrote in the bug tracker:

Basically, there were two problems.

The first problem was that the Property Sort order on MyList page was not being saved correctly. I had saved it differently than on the other pages because the Property Sort is part of the Inquiry for short-listing units. However, on the MyList page, the short-list filter mustn't be used, so I had to save the property sort in a different way. The prev/next units were selected using the Sort order from the /properties page instead of the /mylist page.

Now, the /mylist page saves the sort order in the same place as the /properties page, but without overwriting (or reading) the other filter parameters.

The second problem also had to do with filtering. As mentioned above, the MyList page should not use the same filter that the /properties page uses. The MyList page was correctly not using the filter, but the prev/next links were using the filter.

Now, the mylist page tells the prev/next links which "mode" to use: either use the filter or just use the sort order, or just use the sort_order.


This piece was sold to Lughn on 30 November 2019. Special thanks to Lughn for attending my 3rd eye gazing workshop at IN Gallery!


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