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I like bright colors. I like predictability. I have never taken an art class beyond high school level.

What is art? For me, creating art brings me to a state of calmness. I forget about everything and focus simply on discovering the next element for the piece in front of me. Respecting all the colors already on the piece, I don't cover them. I draw beside them, up to them, around them.

Starting with some curves or lines or whatever comes forward onto the page, I begin to fill in the space around or behind the line. I sometimes draw mazes (see, which sometimes informs the curves in my non-maze art.

The calm state of drawing also features an excitement, wondering what will come out from the page. What will this curve look like in the future with all its brethren? I like documenting the process of creation; many of the images in this wiki have a version history which shows how the piece was drawn.

Art:For The Pink Cow Bar - July 2008

Art:ELF CO-OPERATIVE, 14-15 March 2009 (and beyond)