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Tall, amazing smile, amazing eyes, amazing eye contact. Did I mention amazing smile?

Tamara came to the Entities workshop at Circle of Light, when Helma had me be her ISIS client to do some example ISIS processes.

I saw her out of the corner of my brain at that point, thinking, "she's pretty hot," but I didn't really take notice until she announced the workshop which she organized: Angelic Awakening. The flyer looked perfect, with items such as "find out why you're here on Earth," and "learn your angelic name," and the like. It was the first one that really piqued my curiosity, but I was already committed on Tuesday. In fact, Ami and I had plans to join Travis for a 20km hike; I simply couldn't go to the workshop. I told Tamara and Mai Rah as much, and told them I requested the angelic awakening to happen during my hike.

The next day, still not able to get her out of my mind (who would want to??), especially after receiving an email (or two) from her. I called Ami and told her the hike was 20km, plus I wanted to go to a different workshop, so Ami happily gave up the hike to let me do the workshop. Talked to Travis, who joked, "that's okay; I didn't think you could make 30km anyway." What? 30km?

I had misinterpreted his email, but that's a different story.

Tamara welcomed the news that I could join, and I tried hard not to blush each time I saw her.

During the lunch break, I gave her the painting (drawing) I had titled "Angel" because upon meeting her, I soon thought that it would be perfect for her. She said it was beautiful, and that she had the perfect place for it.

Tried hard not to gush at the end, professing my true crush on her, etc.

Some good did come; I got some guidance on how to begin making a living at what I love doing, and I determined that I'd like to try NLP, which had arrived in the outskirts of my vocabulary for a while, but which I had never had defined until the night I met her, and had it confirmed as a highly valuable tool (by Dennis and) Tamara (today and) tonight.

Also got a couple extra hugs with Tamara by staying late.

At the very end, I had to avoid eye contact to keep down the desire (opportunity?) to place a kiss. I was successful in my endeavor. (no kiss.)